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How to notify QA that the quality inspection is required


Since I want to do quality inspection for items outgoing via delivery note, my question is how can I setup notification to let email send out automatically to QA user after new delivery note saved.
I’m looking for the right trigger method to achieve the goal, but so far no lucky.

You can set up a Notification based on creation or update of Delivery Notes and make sure the respective user is informed.

Learn more about Notifications here

Hi Jaichavan

For those items which need quality inspection, use create or save method in notification setup is okay, but if some items don’t require QA, how can I setup condition to determine if the item enabled quality inspection or not in item master form in notification config?


The system won’t prompt for creation of QI document for items that don’t have the QI checkbox enabled, right?

Not sure what you are trying to accomplish here.

Hi Jaichavan

Do you mean if system prompted the QI require window , that means a creation action is taken on QI side?
My though is setup notification on doctype Delivery Note , so the trigger is from the fileds of DN. I may wrong.