How to manage rebates / debit notes from suppliers Payment Entry or Journal Entry

Hi All,

I would like to know, how to manage rebates from supplier after the invoices are prepared, adjusting individual invoices is not practical as it is given for every quarter.

So far I tried these scenarios -

  1. Create a Journal Entry - Debit Note Entry
    Add a row for the supplier and debit the rebate amount and the ledger for discount after purchase and credit the amount. This journal entry shows in the supplier general ledger,
    When I pass payment entry for the invoices affected, I can list out the invoices which the debit note is for, but I cannot link the debit note as the message “Against Journal Entry JV-0000xx does not have any unmatched credit entry”

  2. Create a Payment Entry -
    Without creating a journal entry I tried just making a payment entry, in which all the invoices are listed and added a deduction in the deduction table, and linked it to the account discount after purchase, this worked properly, but didn’t reflect in the supplier general ledger.

I believe there is a scenario three, which is to create a journal entry list out all the invoices in it and also debit note and it will reflect in the general ledger of the supplier,
but I would prefer to use Payment Entry as it is currently used to print cheques and also has a more friendly UI

I am not an accounts person so any tips or direction would be helpful

Did you get an better way to handle this? It would also need to reflect on GP made as you are given the rebate post the payment to supplier and probably sales to customer of those items.

Not Really, At the moment it is still using Journal Entry, making line entries for each invoice and debit note.