How To Manage multiple Companies?

I figured out the solution to my problem.

Under Role Permissions Manager, had to add the Company doctype to the role as it was missing.


i am trying to do same i want to hide items based on company user. Anyone can get me detailed steps.

Is it possible to have an admin account that can see all the documents created by users in different companies?

yes, specifically what documents?

How can you do it? for example i want to see the Material Receipt vs Material Issued across companies


I will tell you how I was able to deal with the documents based on the companies.
First of all, I added field type link to Company doctype, then I assigned the user for the company from:
Setup > User Permission, I selected Allow company and in the value, I selected the company name.
After that, the work in the Roles.
The document type that you added the company link field, you need to check the roles that are assigned for this doctype. Go for each of these roles, go to the required doctype, select “Apply User Permission”, Select Document Types, check if Company is selected. I attached the below picture.


i am not able to make masters ie item,supplier company specific.
i took custom company field on item , item group and applied user permissions but not reflecting masters to specific company any help ? i am using latest version

I am stuck at the same issue as Kushal - viz not able to filter masters ( specifically customers by company ). is there any such capability now ?

i guess no masters are global to your ERP system , they are not company specific

Partially right Kushal. So the eco-system is for a set of co-operating entities - and many of the products are global , but customers and vendors are private to each company.