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How to manage Invoice Price Variance with Purchase Receipt?

Hi all

Consider we have Purchase Order created with 1000$. After 10 days Purchase Invoice comes with 1100$.

1-How can I recalculate Inventory Valuation? ( I know LCM work around is available but it is not linked to Purchase Invoice. Is there any standard solution?)

2-How can I close the Invoice account and Landed Cost account? any automatic solution?

Thanks in advance

May a Purchase Receipt, then Landed Cost Voucher before the Purchase Invoice be used?

Anyway you can not link Landed Cost to Purchase Invoice.
I am looking for a solution to link them and writeoff accounts

In Landed Cost Voucher, Receipt Document Type , one can choose Purchase Receipt or Purchase Invoice.

On a Purchase Invoice, More Information a new account may be created.

On Landed Cost Voucher, a new expense account may be created.

I may not fully understand the business process. This link may be helpful, if you havent seen it already.:

Dear Smino

Thanks for your reply.
Actually I need to add Invoice Price Variance (100$ in our example) as a extra charge to my Purchase Receipt and consequently update the inventory value by increasing 100$