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How to make stock correction


Good day all

My background:
I have only been using ERPNExt for a few weeks to get to know it with the aim to actively use it in the small
business that I am starting. I am not an accountant so please be patient with me !! I am an engineer but
I have to get stuck into this because it is a manufacturing business and I want to use the stock management
system that is integrated with the accounting , in ERPNext.

I think I have made good progress. Please allow me to explain what my initial goals are and what I have achieved.

Just to get started I have have to at least be able to :

  1. Buy stock and place that into the stores-warehouse
    I have 4 warehouses : stores for components, work-in-progress for modules that make up the product
    and then final-product. I also have am “Assets” warehouse to put assets like office equipment used for
  2. Buy asset items and place that into the asset warehouse.

So, to achieve the above, I have defined suppliers and items and bank accounts.
(Perpetual inventory is active) and on my ITEMS I select MAINTAIN STOCK

First goal : succesfull I can follow the process of generating :
Material request , Purchase order , Purchase invoice and payment and the items appearr in my
stores warehouse.

I am having problems with goal (2).
I followed the same process but my assets was only listed in the asset-warehouse but with zero stock.
I then realised that I did not tick the “Update stock” button on the invoice. To rectify this, I did a manual
stock entry , selecting GET ITEMS FROM and then PURCHASE INVOICE. I then completed the stock entry
and it did indeed update the stock count … but it doubled all the counts !!! So something happened twice !!
I am now battling to correct this or ADJUST the stock counts.

How do I adjust the stock counts ?
Would appreciate a pointer in the right direction.
Many thanks


You can do a “Stock Reconciliation”.

Search in the search bar for it.


Many thanks crafter !!! Appreciate !!!