How to make field visible when checkbox is True

In child table when “Open scheme” check box is True “Rebate” field is visible if" Open scheme" check box is False “Rebate” field must not visible.

In a lot of ERPNext standard DocTypes, the design is, the fields visible in child tables are usually the fields that should always show permanently.

For fields that depend on other fields for their visibility, they are usually not visible upfront and can only be accessed by clicking the Edit button in the row. For that, in the Depends On of the Rebate field you can add this code:

eval:doc.open_scheme == 1

Hi @mincerray
Its not working in child table it visible please see the image below.

Hi @Kavitha,

It’s worked when you open it to click the edit button and then check your field.

It doesn’t work in the listview table and you select a field as a list in view.

Thank You!

This is right. @Kavitha you’ll need to untick the In List View of the Rebate field. It will be bad design if in some rows the Rebate column is visible in list view and not in others. So best to not put the field in list view and only access it through the Edit button.