How to make a Serial No Available or Delivered

I’ve tried to create a manual stock entry “receipt” and indicated the Serial Nos within the document but it doesn’t change the Serial No status to Available.

Likewise I tried a manual stock entry “issue” and it doesn’t change the Serial No status to Delivered. I’ve even tried to perform a Delivery Note and the result is the same.

Basically in “Warranty Claims” the Serial No. filters items which are in the “Delivered” status, so I am trying to figure out how to get the Serial No to be “Delivered”.

Anyone knows?

-When you create Stock entry with purpose as “Material Receipt” by giving “Target Warehouse”
and submit it .that time Serial Number get created for that warehouse with status “Available”.
you can see this in “Serial No” form.
-when you delivered it ,then its status automatically change to “Delivered”.

  • when you ‘Issue’ that item means you are removing that item form warehouse by selecting serial number.that time Status Become “Not Available” (means that serial number not available in respective warehouse)

I tried all your steps but the Serial No form does not show me the Available status neither does it show me the Delivered status.

Are you on the most updated version? When i check the available fields in the Customize Form screen I cannot seem to find the “status” field. It does however exist in the database though.

Was it removed?

which version you are using? I am on version 5 .otherwise raise this.

v 6.6.4

quite certain its a problem, I tried in in the demo environment and cannot seem to get the item to be in Delivered status.

Released the fix, please check after update.