How to link paid Purchase invoice to Project

How to link a paid Purchase Invoice to a Created Project/. While click Purchase invoice in Project Dashboard asking to create a new purchase invoice, but i need to link an existing paid Purchase invoice.
Kindly help

Same here problem please reply me

Purchase Invoice in Accounting Dimensions section chooses the project you want.

if is it paid Purchase Invoice that means submitted.
You need to cancel it and link the project.

wash that help

This used to work correctly, but now in our opinion does not. The Purchase Invoice (PI) has project field in the header and in EACH item table line.

Presume the one in the header is for things like discount or other charges apply to complete PI and the one for each line is that you may get an invoice from supplier that has items from more than 1 project. This makes perfect sense. Issue is in the Project doctype header for a Project it will NOT show a link to a PI with that project unless the project is in the header project field for the PI.

Costs do allocate correctly to projects, but logical behavior is that if ANY project field (item specific or complete PI) has a project the PI should show in the dashboard for that Project. Sadly does not.