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How to keep data safe

Hi, After testing, I found erpnext really great.

After lot of struggle, I installed it successfully on Alibaba cloud but the challenge is I am not developer and afraid what if there will be a bug or what if system will go down, how will i fix after inputting lot of data.

I did experiments/ play around erpnext on virtualbox and it always break down with message i.e sorry, we will come down, or internal server error
Searched on web and tried all the solutions but no success.

Is there any straight forward way to backup and restore the data and how can i keep my data secure / bug free?

Any software of any type needs a developer if you need to extend it or do something that is not available for it out-of-the-box.

Although ERPnext is supposed to work flawlessly on your virtual box, you need to understand the system and how it works if you want to do a custom or manual installation or even using the virtual server image.

If you managed to install the software and set it up to your liking, you can easily setup auto backups via integration with google drive, dropbox and AWS S3 buckets.

If you want something that is 100% reliable without a developer with auto-updates and auto managed, you can go with the ERPnext paid version which starts at 25$ / month (at the time of writing this post), more details in here:

First let me welcome you to the forum. Everyone here has been helpful and when you you learn more please add to the experience by helping others when you can.

In the mean time…

Maybe have a look at this:

It gives you more control than some of the other options available.

Hope it helps…


Thanks alot, i will have a look.

You can also consider to install it inside an lxd container. LXD now allows you to auto snapshot at desired frequency with auto expiry of snapshots. So your whole “machine” will be backed up - further you can easily export snapshot as a compressed tar file - to remote location if needed… I am using LXD in production and able to add additional containers to same VM - allowing for better resource utilization. Search on the forum - you will find install instructions. It is like installing inside any VM - just add “–container” flag to the install script command.