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How to issue a Debit Note against unallocated Payment Entry and Unallocated Credit Note

Hi there,

We’ve tried to create Payment entry with Zero Reference and also Credit Note with IS ADVANCE set to true. This would enable us to either use MATCH PAYMENT WITH INVOICE later or clicking on Get Advanced Received button on a Sales Invoice to automatically knock it off.

However, now we are faced with another challenge. Without associating the Credit Note or Payment Entry with any invoice, can we issue a debit note to cancel out the advance payment entry / advance credit note?

We’ve tried clicking on the credit note and then Make > Reverse Entry to do this, but the credit note is not knocked off even though the debit note is submitted.

Any idea?

Is there a link to the DN in any of lines of the counter entry?

You can take a look at this video. When we try to attach a reference link to the counter entry, the form validation don’t allow it.

That’s only one of the problem. If you look closer, payment entry is not showing on the list of reference allowed. That’s second.

Finally , thanks to @mclijauco , it appears the button Reverse Journal Entry for Advance Credit Note / Debit Note cannot be used. Entries created this way needs to have its Reference removed in order to be save and submitted and then you must use the Payment Reconciliation to reconcile it.

Kind of an un-intuitive manner but at least there is a way to solve it. Please check out the video below for its solution :