How to integrate ZKTEco biometric machine with erpnext

I have a biometric machine ZKT Eco. How can we integrate this biometric attendance with erpnext to get check in and check out time of employeed?

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Through Cams API, zkteco devices can be integrated with erpnext server without any local software running. Check if it helps. It integrates the attendance under Employee CheckIn Report. So, you can generate any number of reports as per your need.

Hi Iā€™m new to erpnext,i have tried running the above script on ZKteco FaceDepot -7B Platform ZSM760_TFT and it didnt work is there any other solution out there

Check if your device can be supported by Web API, verifing from . If it is verified,the you can use the integration service ( which will push the attendance data from biometric device to your erpnext server directly on real time basis.