How to integrate shopify with erpnext verison 13

I am getting error and I am trying it in local server.

{‘address’: [‘for this topic has already been taken’]}
{‘address’: [‘is not allowed’]}

The integration inside is ERPNext is deprecated and moved out to a separate app. Use

If you are just testing out locally or for development use some kinda tunnelling (localtunnel/ngrok)

Thanks for your reply

@ankush i have installed this app(ecommerce_integrations) on my local server version 13 and using ngrok url but when i am saving the credential on shopify setting then im getting error

Failed to register webhooks with Shopify.
Please check credentials and retry. Disabling and re-enabling the integration might also help.

go to “ecommerce integration log” and look at the recent ones. Might help identifying root cause.

How did you configure ngrok? It should be pointing to your local site’s name (assuming it’s in hosts file)


// /etc/hosts


This is how I use it with localtunnel. Don’t know right flags for ngrok

lt -l shopify_test -p 8000 -s required_hostname