How to install multi sites

hello Everyone,
i have an UBUNTU server
i install erpnext and it’s work good
my site name is : erp.myerp.local
whene i navigate from my windows 10 browser to
i have my erpnext showing up fine without any problem
i want to create another site named : erptwo.myerp.local
what i should do
i use :

  • bench --new-site erptwo.myerp.local
  • bench --site erptwo.myerp.local install-app erpnext
    i got a new directory in /sites named erptwo.myerp.local
    but how can i access to this new site from my windows

thank you

You may want to follow this thread. Pay particular attention to how you should prepare bench for multi tenant and how you should deal with hostnames so that nginx can serve multiple domains