How to Install Library Management System In ERPNext

As the topic name says.
I have frappe and erpnext installed with school managament also.

But i want to test library management side of it. In application installer i cant find library management.

Can anyone guide me to install LMS


Do bench get-app and then instal it on the site.
The Library Management app however is not designed to be production ready. It was more of a training for developers.

LMS is inbuilt into erpnext schools module. It might be broken. Raise any issues you find, we shall be glad to fix it.


cd frappe-bench
bench get-app
bench --site existing_site_name install-app library_management


@neilLasrado Thanks for quick reply. I thought it is full working Library Management.

@Hafees_Kazhunkil I will try that thanks.

Is there any other steps we have to follow after this? Iā€™m new to ERPNext, I do not know alot