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How to install in aws

hello everyone…
can anybody help me how to install erpnext in amazon(aws)…
Thank you.


Dear, a quick search can find the solution here in our forum itself. check this out…

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and then an official video is also available…

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thank you :slight_smile:

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its throws an error sir. i think the video is outdated …

the link is outdated. please use the below install script

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sir after i downloaded the file i ran
sudo python --production
this hit the error…


Whats your OS in AWS? Debian based or Centos? in centos there was some issues when selinux turned on when installing pip… and please give a little more details of your error to understand the issues a bit more clear. thanks

Installing in ubuntu 18, EC2 t2.small, 12GB volume:

sudo apt-get install python-minimal -y
sudo apt-get install build-essential python-setuptools -y
sudo wget
sudo python --production --user frappe --admin-password abc123 --mysql-root-password abc123

This script never failed me. I got it from


i use ubuntu 16.04

Within the last 2 weeks, I had used the below link, and was able to successfully install ERPNEXT from master branch. In Ubuntu 16.04 in my local destop system, hope this will work for AWS , ubuntu instance too.

Most of the JS and other resources issue were resolved by using this:

Finally issue was resolved for me by referring this thread:

Solution suggested by @sagar worked for me:
Try the following command:
bench build ,
bench migrate & bench clear-cache

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