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How to install frappe in ubuntu 20.04

Can we install ERPNext in Ubuntu 20.04 ??
If you can install in ubuntu 20.04,then please tell how ??

i had the same issue so, i have installed ubunto 18.04.5 LTS because no one knows

this guide worked for me:

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ERPNext can be installed on any modern Ubuntu or Debian, including Ubuntu 20.04. I currently have active versions on Ubuntu 18.04 through 20.04, and Debian Buster.

If you’re having difficulty, first verify the prerequisite software is installed correctly. Especially verify your MariaDB database is online and accessible. Make sure you’re using Python3, a compatible Node.js, etc.

If the “easy install” script is failing, search for the error message here on the forums. Or post screenshots and details of your error message.

Otherwise, you can try a manual install. This guide may help you get started:

ERPNext installation is not always easy. But it absolutely can be done. In my experience, 95% of the installation problems have nothing to do with the O/S. It’s usually a problem with prerequisites and configuration.

The video in this article (shared a few days ago by @Tech_Hack_IT), looks pretty accurate too.

Other than changing some lines from Xenial Xerus to Focal Fossa, it should work.

Wait i upload video soon

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Refer this link.