How to increase Innodb Pool Buffer size?

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I have installed erpnext on a laptop running Ubuntu 14.04 with a RAM of 8 Gb . Now a days it takes ages to load a particular page , I read in few posts that the Innodb pool buffer size should be set to 80% of RAM , I checked in the cnf file , it was set to 256Mb , so I am planning to increase the buffer size . Could anyone guide me with a clear example of how to change the buffer size , few posts indicates that directly editing the cnf file would corrupt the database . Please someone help me with the proper procedure to change the buffer size.


The best way to make changes to variables is to create your own cnf file. This way, things won’t get overwritten during any Ubuntu, MariaDB, or ERPNext update.

I recommend making a new .cnf file in /etc/mysql/conf.d and making the change in there.

First, stop mariadb sudo service mysql stop
Then create the file, add the variable
Then restart mariadb sudo service mysql start

EDIT: also look at Percona’s Configuration Wizard to help you

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Hi @felix ,

Many thanks for the info , could you please guide me , how to [quote=“felix, post:2, topic:19146”]
create the file, add the variable

Thank you for the help