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How to import tasks for a crop from excel


Hello All,

It is well understood that Agriculture is in beta.

I still have a question comparing this to more mature modules. Is it possible to import crop tasks via UI? Crop is a document type in ERP Next. The system didn’t allow me to create a new import for that.

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Check if “Allow Import” is set in Role Permissions for the user that is trying to import.


@rmehta : yes, this is allowed for the user. It is an admin user with all permissions.


Hi welcome to ERPNext!

To clarify the expected and actual result - please say a screenshot of this step, with what you did and any system message you got - would help.

Also note for us what ERPNext version and your environment, say self hosted?

I read CSV import is more reliable, as XLS import can hang forever with no error or result.


Thank you, this helped. We used CSV file.


Glad to hear that helped Kshitij_Sharma

If you have not discovered already two contributers who focus on the agro domain are @tmatteson and @Tropicalrambler.

have fun


And we have been a bit idle these past days, in my case because I need to pay bills! Focus has been strictly on my hydroponic business. I see some time clearing up ahead (next three - four months) for advancing in these areas!