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How to hide modules and module features based on user permissions?

I am evaluating ERPNext for the worker-owned cooperative that I am a member of, so I am still very new to the ERPNext way of doing things. I probably have lots of misconceptions about how the system is meant to work, so please don’t hesitate to school me if I’m asking a silly question here.

When I remove roles from a user, ERPNext does not seem to hide the corresponding modules or features within those modules, and leaves pages that either cannot be interacted with at all, or generate error popups.

For example, when I remove the “Loan Manager” role from a user, that user still sees the Loan Management module displayed on their sidebar, which seems counter-intuitive since they can no longer do any loan management, right? Additionally, when they navigate to that module and view the loan dashboard, it generates a bunch of errors, and the dashboard shows nothing useful anyway:

This kind of thing happens with other permissions roles as well, which I worry will lead to a lot of confusion among the other members of our organization.

So ultimately my question is this: How do I hide away features that users do not have access to? Is there a setting that I’m missing, or am I misunderstanding something central to ERPNext?

do you means setting in Role for Loan Manager ?
that may not enough, you should also uncheck corelate option at Modules list in order to hidden the Loan Management option.

for advance access control, user permission and permission level can do user layer and data layer access. hope this help.