How to hide child doc fields?

In custom field depend on just use check_fieldname.
if you must be whole number field in Item Doctype, Then fetch this field in child table.

The check_fieldname present in UOM Doc.
please can you provide any sample code?

fetch is numeric from UOM

Hide and show Numeric value field

Thanks @mainul
But everytime manually i have to select that check box(Is Numeric).
Scenario like:
If you check Purchase Receipt Item/any child doc, Item wil have default uom(eg:-Nos).
Supose, By default the check_fieldname(Must be Whole Number ) of UOM(Nos) is selected. In this case automatically custom_field should appear otherwise should not appear.
Please check the attached screen shots.

check fetch from.
if doesn’t work.
set on event on item select.

fetch from is : uom.must_be_whole_number in Purchase Receipt Item doc. Right?

HI @mainul
Thanks for your support. I resolved that issue!

how it will work if value is not fix for carton_type means value of carton_type(new carton_type can be added) is coming from different table?

Any help for above condition?

it is work thank you for simplifying the things.
before this i search lot of through custom script but this will help just by put into the field property.
Nice Thank you.