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How to generate SMS Alert?

Like Email Alert, is there any way to send an SMS alert when certain criteria is fulfilled?
(example: Customer gets acknowledgement SMS when Sales Order is submitted)

If not, could you point me to the ERPNext documentation I can read to do this via Client side (or Server side) scripting?

Thank You!

@Tanuj not out of the box as of now.

Is there any way I can duplicate the Email Alert module and replace the Emails with SMS-es?

Hi Tanuj,

Everything is possible but nothing out of the box atm.

However, there are plenty of services exist that will convert your email into sms such as these


Hi @ferohers,

That could work! Thanks so much!

Hey @Tanuj

How did you resolve this issue ?

This really should be a standard feature

Kind regards,


Its 2020 , and its still not there.
Just a followup on this.


SMS alert is a basic requirement for retail sector. Especially for supermarket like ours. Hope this becomes standard feature soon.

Just a reminder with open source one can contribute to scratch the itch here!

The best I can do is to help test it!. I’m on cloud hosting. Don’t have money to fund development. Sorry.

Have you try this?

Hey @HaroldOsprey,

You can call the send_sms method using custom script. The call would look like this (assuming you’ve already setup sms in settings) :

var message= ***[Add message here]***{
            method: "frappe.core.doctype.sms_settings.sms_settings.send_sms",
             args: {
               receiver_list: ***[add numbers here]***,
               msg: message,
             callback: function(r) {
               if(r.exc) {msgprint(r.exc); return;

Where can I get this file to edit?