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How to export Script Reports in Custom App?


I created a custom app to export customizations I made on documents, fields, and print formats. I added “Report” as well to the fixtures property in
While the Report.json file under Fixtures folder included all properties of the reports, I am still not sure how to include the python script files for "Script Report"s.
Any clue?


Very good question and thank you @Muhannad_Abdeljawwad For this post.
I need also to add one thing:
How to export the changes that done for doctype_list.js and
Example, if I did changes on the sales_invoice_list.js and changes to the, then how I can export these changes?

Or, is there a way in the custom application to add configuration that determine from where to take the sales_invoice_list.js and the, so they can be added in the custom application and to be used instead of these in the original application?

I need a way to add changes for the list and dashboard that will not be affected when doing update and can be added automatically when doing new installation, how? can help?