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How to delete custom reports


Dear ERP next users
i have have custom reports designed based on report builder but they are creating errrors and i dont want them after that,so how can i delete a custom reports designed using report builder?thanks


Hi @Sachine_P1! You can check it out in Report Window and delete it from there. Hope this helps!


@creamdory thanks for your replay but when i try to delete it as you said its not deleting it,thats my problem!thanks


you should have developer mode activated…and roles capability to delete it… :slight_smile:


Try looking at your Role Permission Manager if you are capable of deleting from Report. Please see below:


is developer mode is activated ? and you use Administrator user ?


Yes. Used Administrator for this. :slight_smile:


ok thanks let me check and replay to you soon!


I have tried in V10. nothing happen when I press delete button ion the customized report.

What is the method to delete customized reports?


This will help you