How to deduct PF after 1 year from joining date?

How to deduct PF after 1 year from joining date?

Can anyone tell me, what is the condition for the PF salary component?

I’m guessing the employee is on probation till then and not a regular employee. You could try adding it as a status in the employee master and use those conditions in the salary structure.

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Thank you @JayRam for your reply. Employment type is permanent. But the organization policy is like that.

Is the full year’s PF is being deducted or the monthly deduction starts after one year?

@kennethsequeira monthly deduction starts after one year from joining date

Hi Noman,

What is the trigger for starting PF deduction? 1 Year from Date of Joining? Or confirmation of the employee and the assignment of a new Salary Structure which is supposed to happen within 1 year.

I think the trigger is the key thing. If it is just 1 year from date of joining, I don’t think there is a way to automate this currently. But people more technical that I, can give you a better answer for this.

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Hi JayRam ,

Thank you again for your reply.
Actually the problem is few employees join as a permanent employee. And their PF calculated after 1 year from joining date.

Now I’m planning to add a select field in the employee doctype like PF Deduction and value “Yes/No” then make this field hidden for the general user. Based on this new field value I can set condition in salary component.

This field value will be updated automatically by using “Notification” update value field based on send alert on “Day After” selection.

I think this is not a proper solution but hopefully it’s work.

Please let me know if you have any good idea.

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Noman Haider

In your case, all you need to know is when the employee completes 1 year till then there is no PF deduction. You can setup a notification on completion of 1 year to know that and you have to now start deducting the PF.

Once you get the notification you just need to change the salary structure with PF deduction.

PF is generally formula based, you can set as per your company rules.

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Could anyone please tell me the better solution for deducting PF after 1 year from joining date apart from the above solution? I’m using now v13.