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How to deal with item have more than one packing

I have an item like a mug
we manufacturing it in different packing like (Box, Pallet, Carton, Giftbox)

how to implement that with manufacturing in erpnext
and how to create a serial number for every packing
and we do not manufacture mug by mug we manufacturing by pallet or box

I have the impression that Product Bundle is the way to go for that case

If I understand correctly, both the mug and the packing are different products that are tight together

So, the Bundle

Mug Box

  • 1 Mug
  • 1 Box

Regarding the serial number, I would suggest you to serialize the Mug

I suggest placing Each packing type under its own Item Code.
Use BOM and Work Order under Manufacturing. You can have serial numbers for every packing.
You can also use BOM to convert one packaging to another if necessary.

let me explain more
1= mug box= 48 mug pallet = 2500 mug every packing have stock qty
if I try to serialize one box, it will generate 48 serial number!

I try to use variants but it allows me to use one default uom

and we do not manufacture mug by mug we manufacturing by pallet or box

You mean every packing will be created as single item code

I think the best way forward would be to set multiple unit of measure. Let the default UOM be the lowest. You can later put in the UOM table the conversions in accordance.

It’s better to have barcodes instead of serial numbers, you can set multiple barcodes in the barcode table of the item.

But we do not manufacturing mug by mug we manufacturing by pallet or box

Yes. Consider Each packing a separate item so it is easy for you to place serial numbers on those individual packing types.

Each packing type will be 1 Item Code:

  1. Box packing Item Code
  2. Pallet packing Item Code
  3. Carton packing Item Code
  4. Giftbox packing Item Code

For each item code, you can generate individual serial numbers.

I agree, but I’m sure ultimately the thing going into these packages are mugs, right?

Can I know the reason behind using serial numbers?