How to customize erpnext?


I am customizing some modules of erpnext like bom using customize form module.i am getting conflict on bench to avoid this problem ?

When i upload the new changes ,new doctype changes are correctly updated using bench update commands because doctype.json file.but form customized in existing module of erpnext like bom is not updated in to update field details in cloud for existing module in erpnext ?

How can i connect new app with erpnext.i read the document,but didnt get a clue.please share example for calling erpnext module from new app

Hi @renjukumar,

  1. If you want to create new field on existing form like customer, supplier etc
    Create custom field and deploy using fixtures

  2. Connect your app with erpnext using hook’s CRUD events

Examples are:-

Thanks, Rohit