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How to create svg html tag from code?

Hi guys, I am trying to use Barcode feature in erpnext v13 .

I saw a Barcode type in the doctype declaration and it works just fine in normal form operation.

Have anyone tried to generate the barcode data from the python code and not from the form ?

I have tried to set the value of the barcode from the python code , but it seems erpnext has somekind of wrapper creation mechanism specifically for barcode type during form saving process. So, my barcode data is not being generated into svg tag as supposed to be as if it were created from the regular form.

I saw a node module of JsBarcode and frappe has a form control in their structure to generate html based barcode svg data to be injected into the database table upon form saving.

Any idea how can I perform barcode data correctly (svg based) directly from the python code ?