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How to create Multiple finished products from a single production order?


In my scenario, one bill of material need to produce multiple sub-finished products which go through different manufacturing processes to produce a single final finished product .

Is it possible in erpnext to have production order to output multiple products ?


You can try nested BOM structure for adding sub-finished products in a single finished group.

For production order, you will have to create separate production order for sub-finished product and then they can be used in the final Production order.
Please refer the link below to learn more about nested BOM.

Hope this helps


What Im looking at is Reverse Bom functionality where raw material is the parent and Finished products are child of the Raw material .

This is required in case of Plywood industry


hi Saved_Ibrahim

you mean you want to disassemble FG?


Not really.In Plywood Industry,Peeling Machine peels timber logs into sheets of core veneer of different lengths .

So,the raw material is Timber log and the FG will be multiple products(sheets of different size) as output of the manufacturing operation of peeling.

What I require here is to predefine the different outputs of the peeling process from an input item/set of inputs


@Savad_Ibrahim, This is an interesting case as it challenges ERPNext’s single product output’s default use case. BTW have you made any progress on this problem?


Not yet .We are thinking on developing a new app which suits our requirements and do api calls to erpnext application .


This is what we did finally