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How to create dashboard in ERPNext



Use default Frappe Chart for developing Dashboard.

Create a Doctype Dashboard and add Charts inside it.
That will be better


Hi @fkardame

Could you explain me more or have example this? thanks.



You can get all the details on here


Unfortunately there is no one clear direction on how to do this for a not-so-developer.
Googling gives you several ways to do this but none is explaining beyond the charts website itself.


And he has the pretty dashboard.
But not telling the steps doing it :slight_smile:


@rahy please look at this :slightly_smiling_face:


I like this and indeed I would be so much happy to have working. It’s awesome outlook and indeed user friendly. I wish I was a programmer I would help to make it happen. Guys out there pls help sarmadmahmood969 to make dream come to reality.


Finally here the awesome thing…


You are correct. This topic should be close. Now Frappe support dashboard page well.