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How to create dashboard in ERPNext



i just create a custom page and for graphs and other stuff make different-different sections. use frappe charts for making graphs.


I also created custom page and write a code that I shared above. Can you please help me for this work. Help me in coding please


Hello @sarmadmahmood969

Here’s a sample of a custom page that uses the Frappe Charts.

Hope it will help in making your own dashboard page.


thank @iRaySpace your help

Hi @sarmadmahmood969

I create bddashboard app show demo chart:


Thanks to all who help me and made it possible to draw charts for creating dashboard. Special thanks to @littlehera, @vinhnguyent090, @Sahil , @iRaySpace, @rk_root. Moreover @vinhnguyent090 provide me special help, connect with me via skype and provide me support that was required. Means he is my first friend on ERPNext community.

Now I am able to draw charts by importing data from database. I installed this app.

It is very good for creating dashboard. @vinhnguyent090 provided me this. Thanks again @vinhnguyent090!

This is the sample chart that I created:


Im surprised that the dashboard plugin worked it was worked on over two years go.

Did you have any issues, if not I might take the time to update it and make pull request into frappe.


@woakes070048 till now it is working and I am learning more about it. I found it useful.


Thats great to know. I will have someone on my team take a look at the project.


This would be simply awesome!

Many thanks


Hi @sarmadmahmood969,

I just want to ask you on how did you show those pie graph.




how to import this code to my project?