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How to create dashboard in ERPNext

how to import this code to my project?

Good Afternoon @sarmadmahmood969,

i love this Dashboard. i tried access the link but its not connecting. can you help me out with the link or the app itself.

Hi @Foxdemon96

I write the summary of that here, I get help also from some friends here as I mentioned. what kind of help you need more.


Hi @kolotayo,

I get help from here also. If you need more help you can contact me at my email


thank you… doing that right away

Hi @sarmadmahmood969,
So which one are you using? The Dokos-IO or from @vinhnguyent090?

Hi @rahy we are using The Dokos-IO. My app only demo how to show chart.

Thank you for the info @vinhnguyent090,
But unfortunately it seems DOKOS-IO dashboard is no longer available.

Hi @rahy

try this link

I have no luck using that dashboard

Use default Frappe Chart for developing Dashboard.

Create a Doctype Dashboard and add Charts inside it.
That will be better

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Hi @fkardame

Could you explain me more or have example this? thanks.


You can get all the details on here

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Unfortunately there is no one clear direction on how to do this for a not-so-developer.
Googling gives you several ways to do this but none is explaining beyond the charts website itself.

And he has the pretty dashboard.
But not telling the steps doing it :slight_smile:

@rahy please look at this :slightly_smiling_face:

I like this and indeed I would be so much happy to have working. It’s awesome outlook and indeed user friendly. I wish I was a programmer I would help to make it happen. Guys out there pls help sarmadmahmood969 to make dream come to reality.

Finally here the awesome thing…

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You are correct. This topic should be close. Now Frappe support dashboard page well.