How to create an admin user who has all access except Salary structure assignment doctype?

Hello, i have a requirement like i want to create a user which is an admin and he can access all doctypes and details except salary slips,payroll and salary structure assignement.

For that i’ve created one user withall roles like Admin. Instead of HR User and HR Manager role i created a new Role Called HR Manager/IT but didn’t given any access permission for Salary Slip and Salary Structure Assignment doctypes.

But now Salary Slip is not visible to that particular user but salary structure assignment doctype is visible.
How it is possible ? Where does it come from ?

Please help!!

(Attaching corresponding SS here )

hello, if you press on system manager you’ll see that salary structure assignment is available for that role, this is why you are able to view it but not the salary slip.

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You will have to unselect System Manager role because of which the suer is able to view the Salary Structure assignment.

@michelle if i unselect it, admin acess will gone isn’t it ?