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How to create a custom html form in a template (.html) file


How to create a custom html form in a template (.html) file and submit it to server for processing the data For example:
form action="{ what should I write here}" method=’‘POST’ enctype=‘multipart’’
input type=’‘text’’ …



Some brief on the use-case please. What is the problem you are trying to solve?


Dear @umair Thank You for replying,
I want to create a simple html form in any of files under (templates/pages/filename.html)
After that I want to submit this form to a server side script.
Here I am facing two problems.

  1. I have created some files in (templates/pages) directory but how to use these files ? as I receive page
    did not found error when I type in browser (
  2. How to submit the form data to server script ? can I use concept like php form submission ?

I shall be very thankful to you.
Best regards.


Hi, to submit the form you can use the form action way, but we suggest to use the REST API.

You can capture the form values in JS and then use{
  method: 'your.server.side.method',
  args: { form: values },
  callback: function(r) {