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How to connect sub-assembly serial numbers with finished item serial numbers


Hi All,
We receive sub-assembly items into the factory which are to be used in manufacturing a finished item.
They are assigned a serial number.
When we manufacture the finished item we assign a serial number to that as well.
Is there a way to link the two serial numbers so that if I look at the serial number of the sub-assembly item I know which finished item it is in?
Thanks for any help.
Kind regards
Mike Logan


Yes! I would also love to know how to do this.


I’m also looking for some guidance on this. Does anyone have any feedback?


I’m very interested in this as well. This is really configuration management which ERPNext appears to lack directly. You can sort of achieve this with BOMs but I think it clumsy. We too, have a need to sometimes look up a particular serialized sub-assembly and determine its end-unit location and vice-versa. Also, I’d like to be able to attach other pieces of configuration data, searchable attributes if you will, to serial numbers. I was able to do this by adding fields to the doctype but then the same fields were applied to all serialized items, even though they were different types of items. I’m sure the solution is right in front of me but I’m not seeing it.


This would also be very interesting for us. Has anybody worked on that?

We currently added fields (link to an serial number) to serial number doctype and operator, after the work order was finished, types in what SNs are in what SN of final assembly. Of course that is just a workaround and includes manual work so we would be very interested somebody has better solution.