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How to change customer in Sales Order when it is already validated


I have made a mistake when I generated a sales order. The customer was not correct so I need to change it, because I need to generate the invoice for the right customer. How can I do that?

I hope it is possible or I will need to do it directly in the database tables as I have done other times.


There should be a Cancel button, upper right on the Sales Order form.

Of course, but isn’t there a faster and easier way?

That sales order comes from a quotation, which in turn, comes from a lead.

The idea is to change only the customer without starting all over again.


If the lead and quotation have the correct customer, then cancelling and recreating the order form the quotation should be trivial. If you can change the data table by other means with as little effort , then maybe that is the way to go.

If the wrong customer appears on the lead and quotation as well as the Sales Order , then more data tables must be changed. If it is a large or complex Sales Order, you could try duplicating it with the correct customer, then cancelling the first. I don’t know if this will cause naming series issues.

It’s trivial but time consuming. There are several products. And I would need to recreate quotation also because quotation is associated with wrong customer.

The final idea was to create the invoice, but never mind. I needed to do it quickly, so I created a new invoice not associated with any sales order.

However, I think it could be useful if ERPNext developers allow to modify customer after the element is already validated.