How to add ‘Specific Taxes On Quantity’

I would like to know, how to do configuration of addition of specific taxes ‘On Quantity’ in ERPNext. Addition of Specific Taxes (taxes per Quantity) to ERPNext.


  1. User adds of an account for Specific Taxes in Chart of Accounts, e.g. “Excise Duty on Qty.”

  2. User adds item wise tax rate to an Item

  1. In all DocTypes where taxes are calculated (Sales Invoice, Delivery Note, etc) the user can choose the tax option “On Quantity”. In that case taxes are calculated PER STOCK UOM of the line items. Item wise tax settings will override settings on total:

  2. Specific Taxes shall work in any combination same as existing taxes do, including “Tax included in Basic Rate”:

  3. Specific Tax Option shall be merged with Master Branch.

Is there any one here to help me out about my issue?