How to add item code to existing item that was created without it?


I am currently testing ERPNext.
I created some product items, however, there are a few where I did not enter a product code.

How can I add an item code to thoses items?
The items where an item code does exist can be edited by going to Stock -> Item -> Select the item and editing the name that appears in the upper left hand corner of the screen
However, for the items that do not have an item code, all I can edit is the name that I see on screen, and I can not find where to add an item code

A little help please?


just edit the item name appearing on left hand side top.

Hi @farhanayyaz1

Thanks for your comment

I know that is the way to edit an existing item code. But this item was created with an empty item code.
If I edit the name that way, it also changes the Title or Friendly name of the product.

Am I missing something ovbious?

Go to Item, Click upper left item name, That’s where you write Item Code.

Item name has to be in Item name field which is beside Standard Selling Rate.

That does it!!

Thank you

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