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How to add Custom Field in Customer


I want to add a custom field in Customer sections against “Individual”
Like when we select individual in customer section Gender and Salutation appear as it was linked with individual. Same way I want “Team Name” appear when we select customer as individual.
Can you please help me. Thank you


Dear admin,
can you please request ERPNext team to respond the above hightlighted concern. Thank you


If you are on your own server, it’s quite simple: Just go to ‘Custom Field’ List and create a new field there.
If your server is hosted with ERPNext Team, then I guess you should contact them directly.


Yes Im on ERPNext server.


Go to Customer list/form and click on Menu > Customize

Expand a current field (represented as rows) in the form to add a new field above or below it

Click on Insert Above/Below to add a new field:

Add the label for the field. In the Depends On section (scroll a little down), add the following: eval:doc.customer_type != 'Company'

Click on Update

Go back to the Customer list and reload. Test the customization by creating a new customer and Type Individual.

For more details, refer the documentation.


Hi Thank you so much for help to sort out below issue. It is perfectly working with our demands now.

There is an other issue with Employee management

Im the CEO and also system manager, I can’t see the employee other than not reporting to me.

how i can solve this?

I have attache picture where reports shows other employees in other department, but it will not visible for me.

Kind Regards,

Anjum, W.

eDirector at XROAD Manufacturing Co.
A Hajipura Road, Newab Str Sialkot

P 052-357 4477 M 321-333 9797 E W
Skype. anjum.w


As this is not a personal support session, but a public forum another issue goes into another separate Topic. Actually even a personal support employee would ask you to open a new issue for new problem just in order to keep things structured. Even more this is necessary in a forum like this.

please kindly mark the posting which solved your problem as “Solution”. That will help others searching for help with similar issues


Thank you so much, it worked
Great team work and customer service


I have resolved it Thank you so much