How to Add Column in Table of Sales Order form

Want to Add “Description” (description of the item) Column in table.
have already followed the steps:

.Setup->Customize->Custom Field->Select Document->Sales Order Item->Add The Label Of That Field-> Description->Checkbox Selected In List View>Save.

need assistance


If above-added custom fields are not working. Then you can delete it and add using customize form. Setup > Customize Form.


The above are the customization done.

Am I missing something ?


you are adding it for Sales Order not on Sales Order Item.
Delete both custom field . Got to Setup > Customize Form

Select Document Sales Order Item

Then add your custom field wherever you want . Open Sales Order Form > Reload it > check

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Since we have limited space to accommodating columns in the table, we have added a restriction of being able to add four columns only.

To add a field as a column, you should check “In List View” for it. If you have checked it, but still field not visible as a column, that’s probably you have checked “In List View” for more than four fields. Please uncheck “In List View” for other field, and then you should correctly have column visible for those four fields only.


this helped.

thank you. Working on it.

Hi, is there still a limit of 4 columns for a table? I need to show my ref, customer ref, description, unit price and line total. Thanks B

can we add more than 5 column ???

i wanted to create a table which has both rows as well as columns in how can i do that plz help.
like this

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I have seen some places still using more than 5. is the restriction still in place?