How I can close sales invoice by Journal Entry

hi everyone

I make a sales invoice for costumer
and when the costumer paid the invoice paid it by bank but there a charge for bank
I made a Journal Entry for that but the invoice status don’t change tho paid
what I have to do

it’s okay you can do that from here

you address two different thinks…`1 the payment of the invoice…Use the make payment…2 How to administer the bank charge…Make a bank voucher crediting yr bank account and debiting an expense account like bank charges

no it’s not like that
assume you make a sale invoice for costumer X , 1000$
when the costumer paid , he transfer the amount to your account
but the actual amount arrived to your account 990$ and the 10$ a charge for the other bank
so the actual payment entry should be 990$ but the invoice still unpaid so I make a journal entry by debiting bank charge exp and crediting the costumer and link the JE with sale invoice like the photo so the costumer account is right and the bank account is right and the status of the invoice “paid”


Here is the example of how you should update value in the Payment Entry to manage this scenario.

IN the Payment Amount, enter actual amount received, i.e. 990.

Against Sales Invoice, allocate complete 1000.

In the Deductions table, select Expense Account for bank charges and enter amount (10 in this case).

Hope this helps.

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thank you
it’s the same effect ,but what you say easy and good

when I try it look what happen

@amd Check:


What to do if vendor invoice is for $1000 and while doing wire transfer bank adds an NEFT Fee of $ 0.8, so total transaction is $1000.8, after allocating $1000 to purchase invoice in payment entry, it shows $ 0.8 as unallocated amount, how to add it to bank charges ?

Via above method it is showing -0.8 amount in difference amount & unallocated fund of 0.8.