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How I broke my desktop dropdown menu

Hi all,

as I was playing with the new Desktop 2.0, I observed the following:

I put a module on the desktop, e.g. selling:


Then, I want to edit the dropdown menu as to get easier access to DocTypes; I remove blanket order:


So far, so good. Now I hit save – and the dropdown is all gone…


… and I cannot get the dropdown menu again to add items …

Has anyone else observed this, can this be resolved? I tried to reset “home_settings” on the affected user, logout/login, nothing seems to help…

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Short update: this does not reproduce on system language “en”, but does on “de”, “fr”, … (probably all except en)…

Its not “just a language problem”. If you remove a shortcut of a modul from a custom app (not frappe and/or erpnext), the drobdown menu disappears as well! (no matter which language is set) :roll_eyes:

Hey @lasalesi,

This bug has been fixed. You can check it here #8273


Thanks for the reply. While this resolves the language-related disappearence of the drop-down, we still see this also in EN in some cases, however, so far cannot reliably reproduce it…

But we observe that in some cases, when a module was hidden and then activated again, it will not show up… Anyone else who has this?

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:+1: Same here!