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How do you install multiple version of erpnext

Is there a way to have multiple version of erpnext running on one pc? Like having v10 v11 v11.7 v12?
If so how do you do this?

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Hi @CuriousPasserby,

You just go through with following links .May be it will help

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both the link you provide runs different command.

can anyone tell me a step by step guide to install multiple instances.
2 Production environment v11, v12
2 staging environment v11, v12 (where we will change codes and stuff

also how do you propagate any changes you made in v11 staging env to the production env v11?


Once you are done with Pre-requistes which are required for installation of ERPNext.

You can use below commands to have multiple erpnext versions

1- mkdir $text
2- cd $text
3- virtualenv .
4- source ./bin/activate

5- ### use one bench branch from below ######

git clone -b master bench-repo
git clone -b develop bench-repo

6- pip install -e bench-repo

7- ### use one frappe version from below ######

bench init --frappe-branch version-12 --frappe-path frappe-bench
bench init --frappe-branch version-11 --frappe-path frappe-bench
bench init --frappe-branch v10.x.x --frappe-path frappe-bench
bench init --frappe-branch v11.7 --frappe-path frappe-bench

8- ### use one erpnext version from below ######

bench get-app --branch version-12 erpnext
bench get-app --branch version-11 erpnext
bench get-app --branch v10.x.x erpnext
bench get-app --branch v11.7 erpnext

9- bench new-site site_name

10- bench --site site_name install-app erpnext

Note : Always match the versions of erpnext and frappe, i.e. if you are installing erpnext v11 then use the version-11 statement for both.