How do Item Variants Work in V5?


I have been looking for this feature since a long time and I am continuing my discussion from this link:

I have been trying to use the new item variant feature @ but I am unable to understand how could it be used to create variants especially in my case.

I am confused since I am unable to make more than one variant for any item in the staging version am I missing something.

@adityaduggal Release notes will be updated this week. Will update the documentation too.


I was just working with the Variants and I could somehow figure out how they are working. I have seem to have hit a block here but, basically the variants are working perfectly but the problem comes when I want to make variants of sizes. How could I possibly make variants of sizes. Could any one please let me know how could I make variants of the following sizes:

Similar to the above we have a lot of series which I cannot seem to figure out how to make in the Item Variants


Was this done?

I’m a new user (signed up 4 days ago) and has searched the manual for guidance about how variants work (I believe it will also be the solution to our industry’s products), but could not find anything. Am I looking at the right place(s)?

Please advice.

@adityaduggal did you try making attributes for each of the parameters (flute diameter, flute length)?

@vanzylpj sorry we are lagging behind on the manual… its on the list.


Hope this part of the manual gets bumped up on the list a bit, as I am not as quick to figure out how it works as adityaduggal was.

And I need to know if it will be what we are looking for, as otherwise the whole testing of ERPNext as a possible way to go, will be in vain.

Thanks for a great job on all the upgrades and new features in v 5.0 now though!



I have tried making attributes and let me give you an example if I want to make above listed items then I would have to create a template which would automatically create all items with all permutations and combos.

Like if the template has flute diameter as 2,2.1,2.2 and 2.3 and flute length as 12, and 14. Then the system would make 8 item codes which would be 2 x 12, 2. x 14, 2.1 x 12, 2.1x14 and so on which is not the case.

I think item variants should be tweaked a bit. Something like we could define the template and then if we want we could select the template in the item where variant of field and then the fields get populated automatically and the user can select from the fields.

This ways the system would not generate all the item codes automatically as currently the case is where majority of the item codes created are redundant in actual use and hence they are loading the system with unnecessary data.

Mmm so you want to restrict which combinations get made?

Maybe we can think of this in the next release. Please add this as an issue.

Well can’t think of this in another newer version since if I want my production instance to go to v5, then I have to make the existing things work in v5 and as of now with the variants introduced in v5 my existing modifications have stopped working.

Which is why I am kind of worried about the variants. I am also looking for a way to make the existing system work much better but it seems that variants is just a start and is no where near the things I am looking for.

@adityaduggal well there is only so much we can do with the given resource. In case you want to bump the priority:

(I don’t want to offer you this because we will then only work on your requests :laughing: )

WoW…after a gap of almost 4 yrs you people have opened the doors.

Let me get back on this in a day.

@adityaduggal with the free plan, we will have to find ways to earn some money :smile: