How do I display a child doctype as form fields instead of a table?


I will like to list the fields of a child table as form input fields instead of as columns in a table. Is there a way to do this in Frappe/ERPNext?

Thank you.

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Its a good idea, me too!

Child doctypes are used to represent one-to-many relationships (one parent, multiple children), and those are always tricky to represent. Frappe doesn’t offer much flexibility on this out of the box, beyond the child table. With scripting, pretty much anything is possible, but if you’re looking for something complicated your best bet is designing a custom page.

I will go the route of creating a custom web page with the layout of the form I want instead of using a webform. Can I submit the form on a custom webpage to a doctype?

Potentially. It depends on how you do it. You can use a Page document to use jinja templates and Frappe calls, or you can use the Rest API to run a page entirely separate from the Frappe Desk.