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How do I disable Images in POS


How do I disable images in POS view?


What is the need for this though?


Sometimes several items look similar or almost exactly the same yet may have very different internal options and therefore higher or lower cost.

When 3 such items showup on the screen, I would not want my cashier to randomly pick on because “they all look the same anyway.”

By disabling the pictures, it forces the cashier to evaluate every item carefully and ask for help if they cannot identify something.

It is a matter of better managing the human behavior of the person that feels the pressure the most… the cashier. Otherwise t can lead to much lost revenue.



Yes totally agreeing to this point. I think POS Redesign is highly needed at this stage where there are so many retails client already using ERPNext and we have many community members giving this as full fledge retail solution to their clients.


While I might agree with this point, the original poster is only asking for a way to disable the pictures in the POS view.

It would not be fair to the original poster (or anyone else looking for a similar solution) to be forced to wait for a total remastering of the POS module (which may never happen).

It would be more expedient for one of the developers to possibly provide a line number in a system file that can be edited somewhere to disable the fetching of the pictures so that the current user (and many others) could better their experience as soon as possible.

Just my opinion…



@Jai_Chavan It just reduces the speed for the POS. Also as @bkm said a lot of the products look same but are actually different which confuses the cashier. ERPNext is a great tool for all the businesses, only if we could improve the usability for the POS it would be of so much better use to the retailers like us.