How do I add Barcode Types? (v13-beta13)

Ok… I am using V13beta (in production mode) and I enabled the “Show Barcode Field” in the Stock Settings.

When I then go the the Item and try to define the Barcode, there are only 2 types of barcodes available to me. The EAN and UPC-A barcode types are the only ones listed.

Where can I add Barcode Types to the system?!?

I only use Code 128 barcodes and I would prefer to add that to the system so I can select it for all of my barcodes.

Can someone point me to the settings that allow me to add Code 128?

I searched the awesome bar with every combination I could think of and they all come back with no results.


There’s no way to add a barcode type yet.

You’ll have to customize it to support code 128. You’ll have to also make changes to the so the system recognizes this barcode type:

Ok, then why does the field exist?

  • Does the system use this field to actually try to “generate” these barcodes at some point?

  • Is it valid to NOT define the barcode type in the Item record? Would this cause problems later?

  • Can “Barcode Type” be disabled and still leave the barcode data field operational?

I am new to using the barcode field in ERPNext. The last time I did it was in an early cut of v10 and I had to actually add the barcode field as a custom field myself to have a place to hold the data.

That is why I am a bit startled by the Barcode Type field. I have never seen it before and I do not understand it’s significance or use case here.

Can you help me to understand the Use Case here?


Nope. It is to store the barcode value to the system picks up the correct Item code/SKU when scanning a barcode.


You can leave the type field empty. If you select either EAN or UPC-A, the system will validate the format you’ve just entered.

In your use case you can just leave the type field empty and simply enter the barcode value.

As mentioned above, leave the barcode type field empty and continue.

Just try playing around with these configurations and see if they work for you.


Thank you for the VERY complete answer. Since the Barcode Type only triggers a data validation, then I will just leave it blank and continue to use my Code 128 barcodes.


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