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How can i get access token

I am trying but i am getting error.

{“message”:“MismatchingRedirectURIError(’(invalid_request) Mismatching redirect URI. <oauthlib.Request SANITIZED>’,)”}
redirect uri =

Callback url is different?

@revant_one thanks but now im getting
return fn(*args, **newargs)\nTypeError: login_via_frappe() missing 2 required positional arguments: ‘code’ and ‘state’\n"]"

Can you share details about OAuth Client created in ERPNext

please see below details

OAuth Client

client_id: “0399ec04da”
client_secret: “a08268cf7e”
default_redirect_uri: “
docstatus: 0
doctype: “OAuth Client”
grant_type: “Authorization Code”
redirect_uris: “
response_type: “Code”
scopes: “all openid”
skip_authorization: 0

I am following these documention
when i am trying to run this api

scope:openid all
response is :-Missing client_id parameter. <oauthlib.Request SANITIZED>’,

These are incorrect.

Use the postman callback url here

Also need to use this in postman

@revant_one thanks