How can I deploy ERPNext virtual image on frappe or any other server?

How can I deploy ERPNext virtual image on frappe or any other server?

I don’t believe it will be convenient to use a virtual machine image to run your ERPNext on a remote server. I’m not even sure if it is possible.

If you’re in need of something setup quickly without spending much time on setup I’d recommend

If you want to host yourself, there a few different ways of going about it. But If you’ve never setup ERPNext before It will likely take a few days to setup and troubleshoot as there is no fully working quick installation script.

  1. Install via docker
  2. Manual installation
  3. If you know Kubernetes (I’ve never used this before I just know it exists)


Thank you so much for the response. I have configured ERPNext on frappe cloud by using their repositories but don’t know how to put my changes on cloud like changes on virtual machine. If you have any idea, kindly let me know because I am new in ERPNext.


Are you referring to changes in the source code, or changes in the application? Eg: Setting up customers, suppliers, open invoices, etc…

I want to add apps and changes in source code. Can we create our own repositories by using ERPNext?

Yes it is possible to add your own repository.

First you will need to have your site on a private bench.

Then just add your custom apps to that bench. Frappe Cloud makes it very easy to setup.

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Thank you so much :slight_smile: . If I need any help then will let you know.