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How can i delete 'Sr' column from the items table!


Hi there,

I want to delete the “Sr” column in the item table of the print formats. And is there a way to change the labels of other columns without changing it from the customize form because i want to change it only for the print format any help?

Thanks and nice weekend for you


Hi @Elie use custom print format.


hi @Denmark_Del_Puso,
Is there anyway to do it without using custom print format, because i want just to delete the “Sr” column?
Thanks for your help.


I had the same. Why don’t you just do a translation from Dr to say Line ? This works for me fine


hi guys

I don’t know if you need to solve this yet but I found a simple way to hide the field (in fact work for every field you want).

You only need this custom css
table th.table-sr { display: none; }
table td.table-sr { display: none; }

I hope this help someone else too.

Best Regards.



Thank you for the script, but it remove the sr column. What should I do if I just want rename it to No?
Any suggestion?

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@cloudeater To rename Sr column you have to use Custom print Format.


Yes, I already made it. But I haven’t found the correct script yet to rename it.


Can you Share Your script.


I am sorry, you mean by custom print format is I have to make a report using html script right?
I design the report using customize menu, not using script


@cloudeater Yes