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How are you managing the cost of hired tools / assets which have a rolling hire period but monthly payments need to be made

Hi all,

We’re implementing ERPNext in an organisation which hires tools & assets (e.g. forklift trucks, cherry pickers & containers).

These items have a rolling hire period (so no specified end date), but we have to make monthly payments to the supplier for the hire of these items.

My question is:
How can we manage these monthly costs for rolling hire periods in ERPNext please?

Thanks in advance,


Hi a search like this

will give you ideas and tips like this Rent items in erpnext

Amazing, thanks for the prompt response John!

I knew this would be a solved problem, just couldn’t find the terms to search for!

I’ll give those links a read now.


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To close this thread in case anyone has a similar issue, we’re going with the Auto-Repeat capability for tools & asset hire

Yep, Auto-Repeat seems to be the way to go for this functionality.

Good luck with your implementation.



Nice one, thanks Jay! :+1: